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Hi. My name is Josh and for some weird reason you are here looking at my web page. Well, I hope you enjoy it. I have updated the site a bit so check it out! I don't know when I will be finished building this site, but i hope you enjoy whats here so far.


Here is a little about my self... My name is Josh (I sure hope you figured that out by now) and I am 20 years old. I live in Bayfield CO (i just moved there April 27th, and some of my hobbies are playing my guitar, doing graphic design (as you can see by some of the pics in the photo page) and hangin evangelist/missionary and to teachothers how to evangelize BIBLICALY (see living waters page). For more info on me, you can see the contact page (also, i am thinking about making a contact page where friends can enter their info- like email, aim s/n, cell numbers etc..... let me know what you think!!!).

Update! I have added a few more pics... its not much but its a start! -J-


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